La Paz, which means "The Peace" in Spanish, is truly the jewel of Baja California. Rich in history and heritage, the city is over 450 years old, and, just a few miles outside of La Paz, is cave-painting evidence of the Neolithic hunter-gatherers who roamed the area 10,000 years ago. Modern La Paz is a very friendly city of about 200,000 people, but has the feel of a quaint and amiable small town, where antique home based pottery and weaving stores still dot the "city"-scape between the modern hospitals and shopping malls also found here.

La Paz is the state capital and center of commerce, as well as the home of the three leading marine biology institutes in Latin America, primarily because La Paz is situated on the Gulf of California which is the most bio-diverse body of water in the world. There are over 900 islands around La Paz, 244 of which are protected as World Heritage Bio-Reserves. Of these, the Espiritu Santos Islands are considered the crown jewels of the Gulf and are the primary tourist destination. The diving, snorkeling and kayaking here are considered second to none.
Perhaps the main hub of activity in La Paz is its malecon, a beautiful three mile walkway overlooking the bay where locals and tourists alike exercise at sunrise and stroll together to admire the spectacular golden sunsets. Many evenings, especially Fridays and Saturdays, the malecon invites the passerby, with its family friendly ambiance, to partake of free concerts and cultural demonstrations, and enjoy one of the many variety of restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops. You can also shop for beautiful Mexican art or spend a romantic evening with your loved one.
La Paz has been receiving much attention and praise in the last 5 years. Travel magazine named one of La Paz's beaches among the twelve most beautiful in the world. Both Money and Forbes magazines listed La Paz in the top five places for Americans to retire as La Paz is safe, secure, has mild weather, little pollution and exudes a warm Mexican charm. We at Hacienda Paraiso want you to experience this for yourself!
La Paz is an ideal destination for the eco-tourist where you can see and experience some of the most beautiful natural environment on the planet. There are over 4000 species of plant life that thrive in the regions around the city. This plant life affords a fabulous environment for the orioles, wrens, pelicans, humming birds, hawks, roadrunners, condors, thrashers and the other 80 resident bird species of the Baja.
With over 800 species of marine life, you will have an unforgettable experience in the Sea of Cortez, which was called by Jacques Cousteau, the "Biggest Aquarium of the World." Just a short distance from La Paz are peaceful and beautiful beaches where you can walk, swim or snorkel and discover the abundance of life under the sea.

In the pristine emerald and blue waters, scuba-diving, kayaking or boat tours can get you up close and personal with whale sharks, giant manta rays, sea lions, pilot whales, dolphins and hammerhead sharks, all in their natural aquatic environment. There are more than 25 first-class dive areas around the islands of La Paz. It's all here for your personal experience; you make the choices!
La Paz is not only sea and sun, we also have desert and mountains with incredible landscapes and sceneries where you can practice extreme sports, horseback ride, mountain bike or rent ATVs. The mountainous Sierra de la Laguna, just south of La Paz, is a biosphere reserve that rises from sea level to 2,200 meters. As you trek up the mountain, the landscape, flora and fauna all change radically from dry semi-arid to temperate rain forest like conditions.

Here are some of the activities that we can help you arrange:
• Island Tours
• Fishing Trips
• Scuba Diving
• Wave & Wind Surfing
• Golfing
• Whale Watching
• Yacht Rentals
• Kayaking
• Massage Therapy
• Licensed Chiropractic
• Beauty Care
• Yoga Classes
• Art Classes
• City Tours
• Museum Visits
• Spanish Classes

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